Join us this Sunday As Rev. Judi Venturini presents "God's Essence:  The Foundation of Lasting Peace"

Has the world events knocked you off your center of peace?  If that is not enough perhaps you are finding challenging events in your personal life causing chaos in your life. While this chaos might have you questioning and perhaps confused, what if it is part of the perfect formula to support your awakening to God's Perfect Peace?  What is our role to creating a foundation for lasting peace?

This Sunday is Pot Luck!  Join us after service for fellowship! 

Message from World Wide Ministries concerning those affected by Hurricane Harvey.
UWM invites all our Unity members to hold all those affected by Hurricane Harvey in prayer. We acknowledge the presence and power of Spirit in the midst of this situation and know that all are loved, guided, and protected. We extend our loving support and healing energy to all.

Health Fair

Join us on September 23 from 10 AM to 3 PM at Unity of the Shenandoah for our Health Fair.
There will be things planned for Children too!
If you would like to help with the event please contact Sarah.