​Join us Sunday as Stephanie Shaefer prsents "The Kingdom of Heaven Within the Hearts of  All Mankind: The Life and Teachings of Jesus  according to Unity Truth Principles and
The Urantia Book, followed by prayer and meditation."

11:30-12:15 PM. entitled "An introduction to the 5 Epochal
Revelations to our planet and the teachings of The Urantia
Book using visuals and video clips. The Urantia Book,is an
anthology of science, philosophy and religion. Part IV
is the Life and Teachings of Jesus. The Urantia Book is
described as the "5th Epochal Revelation and a religionists'

September 14, is Unity World Day of Prayer.  This year, Unity echoes the calls of the
 master teachers by proclaiming "Peace in the Midst" for World Day of Prayer 2017. 
Take time to Pray or be in stillness.   Blessings.